Drive lah has a wide variety of cars – from Vans to SUVs to Hatchbacks and even luxury sedans. But what they all have in common is the need for fuel stops. Well, we have listed a first-of-its-kind car on the platform - The Tesla Model 3 SR+, the dream car for most millennials in Singapore and across the world. It is the first step into the future with strong EV power and features that’ll blow your socks off. Just check out what this Model 3 packs in and the best part? You can rent it on Drive lah. Read on!

Tesla Model 3 SR+ listed at Drive lah

The Tesla Model 3 listed with us is the famous SR+ variant. SR+ means a long-range Model 3. It has enough batteries to take you 400+ kms, that’s traveling across the country from east to west 8 times. Combined with that is the lightning-quick throttle response. You can go from 0-100kmph in just 5.3 seconds (we don’t recommend you test that, but believe us it is quick), and reach a top speed of 225kmph. The 90kmph speed limit seems like child’s play for this beast. ​

​That’s not all, read below for the aha features it lets you play around with.

​Dashboard? More like the minimalistic heaven

Tesla Model 3 SR+ Dashboard

The model 3 has a dashboard like we have never seen before, it just features a massive 15-inch screen, and that’s it. That’s all it has on its dashboard, seriously. You control almost everything about the car with this screen. From showing you your driving details to letting you control the mirrors and accessing Netflix for the PCK Pte Ltd re-runs during those boring traffic jams, it is an endless attraction.

Autopilot- Because driving can get on your nerves

Tesla Model 3 Autopilot

Think of all those times you were tired of driving a car because of the traffic. Well, you can relax now. The car practically drives you around. The feature is called ‘Autopilot’ and is the highlight feature of all Tesla cars. The car takes turns, slows down in the traffic, maintains a safe distance from the car in the front, and even parks itself. Maybe a bed there would just nail the deal, wouldn’t it? SO the next time you can’t avoid a meeting or a family gathering, at least take the sting out of driving there, and rent the Tesla Model 3 in Singapore for the day.

The Frunk- Shiok so much space

Now you can justify your visits to Orchard Road. Ran out of space in the back? No worries, there’s a trunk in the front too. Just pop it open and make that second dash towards the shop you left out.

​Glass Roof – Check out the galaxies from the driver seat

Gaze at beautiful skies straight from your seat as this Tesla has an all-glass roof. No, it doesn’t heat you up in the sun; they’ve been clever about it. It blocks off all the UVs and has IR filtering to keep you cool. It is truly an experience worth having!

Impressed yet? Want more?

​The out-of-the-box because, duh! It’s Tesla

​Elon Musk surely thought, ‘these many features aren’t enough; let's get some more when he did this. There are a lot of easter eggs in the car. You can play classic games or prank on your passengers, compose music with Trax, have your own cosy fireplace in the car, a sketchpad, and many more. It is a full-on entertainment package at your disposal.​

Conclusion – The car is up for grabs on a daily or hourly rental!

The experience of a lifetime is available now. There’s a saying, that all Tesla cars are EVs, but not all EVs are Tesla. Driving a Tesla is one of the coolest futuristic experiences you don’t want to miss.

Have tons of fun and make cherishable memories together with your family and friends on your journey. What’s better? Look cool doing it.

Rent It Now! 

Book the car for a day with insurance and 24/7 road side assistance available included in the trip cost. 

Owner’s Experience – How cool is it?

What are your 3 favourite things about the Tesla Model 3?

Autopilot – It autosteers and adjusts speeds automatically based on the cars in front.
No Fuel Stations – Supercharges are for Free, so there are no fuel stops or paying for expensive fuel.
Very Spacious – Every passenger sits comfortably in the car, plus road trips are a breeze with all the boot space at the front and the back.

What are people’s reactions like?

They love it. People still turn around to look at the car, take pictures, and ask about the speed. It’s awesome.

Is it better than a Fuel-powered car?

Yes, absolutely. The range is great, the speed and acceleration are better than a fuel-powered car, no engine rattles, no fuel stops, dedicated parking spots, and so on.

What impresses the guests the most?

The light show. The car creates a beautiful synchronized light show that blows guests’ minds.
Watch YouTube & Netflix when you are parked. Great for those boring waiting periods at places.
Arcade Games with Steering Wheel as the remote control.