Many Singaporeans love riding their bikes since it's an enjoyable form of transportation and keeps them in shape. Finding the ideal bike shop is essential, regardless of your level of experience riding a road bike, mountain bike, or just your first time exploring the island on two wheels.

But where do you even start when there are so many possibilities available? Drive lah's extensive guide will walk you through Singapore's top bike stores, which serve all price ranges and types of cyclists. So get ready to explore your brand-new bicycle paradise!

1. Treknology3:

This is your one-stop shop if you're a brand aficionado who has a fondness for Trek bicycles. From premium mountain bikes to endurance road bikes, they stock every model made by Trek. Their staff is very experienced and will assist you in finding the ideal Trek for your riding style and price range.

2. Rodalink: 

A well-known brand in Singapore, Rodalink provides an excellent range of bicycles at affordable costs. They have bikes for everyone, from dependable city bikes to affordable road and mountain bikes. Additionally, their wide network of locations throughout the island guarantees that you'll never be far from their knowledgeable guidance and kind assistance.

3. Mighty Velo: 

This one-stop shop caters to all cycling disciplines, but they hold a special place in the hearts of mountain bikers. Mighty Velo has an extensive range of mountain bikes, ranging from affordable choices to luxurious masterpieces. They also have an exceptional workshop, so you can be sure that your mountain bike is always ready to take on the toughest trails.

4. Hello, Bicycle!: 

This independent gem in Bugis caters to cyclists who appreciate quality and aesthetics. They stock carefully chosen luxury brands such as Cervelo, Wilier, and Bianchi. In addition, Hello, Bicycle! Offers an amazing assortment of cycling clothing and accessories, allowing you to look as beautiful as you feel while out on the road.

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5. BYX: 

At BYX, style and sustainability collide. This environmentally-minded store supports bicycles constructed from sustainable and repurposed components. They provide a chic selection of fixies and urban bikes that are ideal for stylishly navigating metropolitan streets. Furthermore, a percentage of their sales are allocated to environmental projects, so you may feel good about your purchase.

6. Brompton Junction:

Brompton Junction offers the best urban commuting experience possible. This ultimate destination for anything Brompton provides the classic folding bike in an array of designs and hues. Brompton Junction's knowledgeable staff can also help you customize your Brompton with a range of accessories, making it the perfect companion for navigating the bustling streets of Singapore.

7. Bike Mart SG: 

Located in the center of Kallang, this store is a veritable gold mine for cyclists on a tight budget. Offering a continuously changing assortment of road bikes, mountain bikes, and even some vintage jewels, they specialize in pre-owned bicycles. If you have an excellent eye and know how to haggle, you might be able to score a great deal on your ideal vehicle.

8. Happy Owl Cycle: 

This company is aware of the demands made on urban riders. They provide a useful range of folding bikes, city bikes, and even electric bikes. They prioritize dependability and functionality to make sure your trip is hassle-free and pleasant. Also, their helpful personnel can assist you in selecting the appropriate accessories to maintain your safety and visibility while driving.

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9. Decathlon Singapore Lab:

In recent years, this massive athletic products company has improved its cycling offerings. From fixies to folding bikes, Decathlon's in-house brand offers an incredible selection of bicycles at competitive prices. Although they may not be the best bikes available, these models are ideal for recreational riders or people seeking a dependable commuter choice.

Beyond the Bike: 

Finding the perfect bike is just the beginning of your cycling journey. Here are some more pointers to help you enjoy cycling in Singapore to the fullest:

Join the Community: There are many cycling clubs and groups in Singapore, which has a thriving cycling community. Getting involved with a group is a great way to stay motivated, meet other riders, and discover new routes.

Security comes first! Invest with a high-quality helmet and make sure your bike has the right lights and reflectors.

Plan Your Route: Finding your way around is easy thanks to Singapore's vast network of bike lanes and Park Connectors. Make use of tools such as the National Parks Board website and several cycling applications to find routes that are both safe and visually appealing and fit your riding style.

Stay Hydrated: The heat and humidity in Singapore may be quite harsh. When you ride, always have a water bottle with you and drink plenty of water the whole way.

Need a car for your cycling adventures?

Even though riding a bike is a great way to see Singapore, there may be occasions when you require a car to carry your bike or go somewhere else Drive lah steps in at this point!

A variety of car rental choices are available from Drive lah, such as roomy sedans, estate cars with large boot spaces, and even SUVs that are ideal for transporting all of your bicycle equipment. Drive lah offers an ideal car for your needs, whether you're thinking about taking a weekend cycling trip to Malaysia or you just need a car to bring your new mountain bike home.

The ideal rental car for your needs is available at Drive lah. So, prepare yourself, take to the road (or path!), and discover Singapore's splendor on a bicycle. You can have an amazing cycling experience in our sunny island nation if you choose the correct bike shop, follow a few helpful guidelines, and maybe even rent a car from Drive lah for those longer excursions!

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