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MPV as a New Car Category

We're excited to introduce the "Multi-Purpose Vehicle" (MPV) category on Drive lah. You can find MPV from the search filter, making it easy to find and book these cars.​

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Boost Your Hosting Game with New Features

Track your earnings effortlessly with our new Earnings Tab and dive deep into key metrics with the Analytics Tab to optimize your hosting game.

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Ani's Journey with Drive lah: A Success Story

Discover how Ani Siva leveraged Drive lah's flexibility and affordability to achieve remarkable success as a host.

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Updated UI for Payments in App and Website

We've updated the payments interface for a smoother experience. 

Intuitive UI:

 Navigate your account settings with ease and clarity.

New Categories:

 Understand your payments better with clear classifications like trip payment, fuel payment, and more.

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Why Francis Opted for Drive lah Over Traditional Car Rentals

Explore the Drive lah difference with Francis Alex! Get firsthand insights on our user-friendly interface, diverse car selection, and efficient customer service.

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How to convert your foreign driving licence

New to Singapore and eager to hit the road? Discover how to convert your foreign driving license with Drive lah's comprehensive guide.

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